Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quickly Approaching...

Are the Ravelympics, or FIR (First International Ravelympics). I'm super excited, and can't wait to cast on... Mini sock christmas ornaments for our tree, for Team Hogwarts. A neckwarmer and a sweater (both made from Malabrigo) for Team 2Peas. I'm rather nervous about the sweater... I've never made one, and am a bit intimidated. To quote Laura in the pool the other day "I KNOW I can do it! I KNOW I can do it!"

Good segue to the next topic of discussion! BOTH girls can now swim un-assisted by human hand! They're both in flotation-device swimsuits, and wear water wings, but we don't have to hold on anymore! Now, we just have to stay close, in case they flip over. Photos, you say? You want to see them swim alone, you say? If you insist!
Jake's a big boy now too, see:

Hahaha.... Well, that's about it for now. Trying to stay cool, get exercise, drop these pesky pounds, and get some knitting in!


Lucy said...

how cute!

Jessica Gray said...

I'm so proud of Jake! He's really swimming now. ;) The pool looks great, and I bet it's so nice to keep cool that way. The girls are so cute!