Saturday, March 27, 2010

Character descriptions

So, assignment one is to write an essay about why we chose our three characters for our kits, to help our spoilers out a bit.

- Minerva McGonagall: The Gryffindor HoH and sometimes Headmistress is my favorite bonny lass. I adore the fact that she and I are both Scots (mine descent and hers birth, but there you have it). I love that she has a tartan nightgown and cap, and wish I had something with my own tartan on it! I'm a highlands Cameron, and just adore everything about my Scots heritage.

- Sybil Trelawney: I love how very eclectic the divination teacher is. She makes me laugh, and I suppose I can relate a bit with her predilection towards thoughts of doom and her devotion towards her chosen family at Hogwarts. I love the fact that her prediction altered the history of the wizarding world so severely, and she doesn't even know- and I think that we've all altered someones history in that way without realizing.

- Moaning Myrtle: It's hard to explain why I love the specter in the girls lavatory so much, but I really, really do. I find her incredibly amusing. Maybe it's schadenfreude, but I just love Myrtle. Her pain and lament just crack me up, and I love her spying on Cedric and Harry in the bathtub.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Favorite Things, Wish Lists, etc.

Favorite Colors: Green and pink, blue and brown, pink and brown (each as combinations), Green, Blue, purple, grays. I have recently found an extreme lack of yellow or orange in my sock stash, so those colors in sock yarns would be good. :)

Favorite Scents: I'm not a fan of anything overly sweet smelling, and get migraines from certain scents, so you're probably better off avoiding smelly things. Yankee Candle candles are safe, none of their scents have ever given me a headache (knock on wood...) Ooh. I LOVE the smell of Soak's "Scent for Celebration".

Favorite Yarn Brands: Malabrigo (all weights), Cosmic Fibers, Cascade 220, Knit Picks yarns.

Favorite Yarn Types: I'm always interested in new yarns for socks or lace. I like wools a lot. I'm not usually that fond of cottons, because they feel strange in my hands when I knit. Cotton blends are good, though. I knit mostly socks and lace, so the majority of my yarns are wool, and wool blends because of that.

Favorite Snacks: Spangler Circus Peanuts (yes. Those neon orange marshmallows shaped like peanuts. I love them.), Oreos, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Cheez-Its, Tortilla Soup (sort of hard to ship... ;) )

Allergies: None that apply to the swap, unless migraines from some scents counts.

Loopy Ewe