Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Knit Progress

So, I've been keeping very busy. Care to see with what?

These are Waterfall Socks by Wendy Johnson knit in Socks that Rock colorway "Peridot and Periwinkle".
A Percy Shawl in progress with Fresh From the Cauldron's "Alcide Herveaux" colorway.
Entangled Stitches cabled gloves in progress in Wollmeise 100% Sockenwolle in "Rotkappchen".And a Clapotis in progress in Fresh From the Cauldron's "Rosalie Hale".

There are more projects in progress as well as more recently finished items, but a couple are secrets- either swap kit parts or Christmas gifts.

I also spent Sunday and Monday very busy with this:
Laura turned four on Monday, which was great fun for all of us. She loved that they sang to her at Chili's, which was where she wanted to go for her birthday lunch. For dinner? She wanted cake, so that's what we had. :) (On a birthday, the one celebrating gets to choose all the meals.)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I can't believe

I forgot to blog! That's so unlike me. :( My week has been crazy, if that's any consolation.

I had a tooth pulled on Monday, but they couldn't do it normally, so I have an incision and stitch in my mouth which will be removed tomorrow.

I spent most of my week preparing for our upcoming move and Laura's birthday party (which is today). We had a few companies come and do in home estimates, and ended up deciding to do it ourselves, because it'll be about half the price.

Also, we signed our lease this week, and faxed it in. So, we're officially renting an apartment in Las Vegas! It won't be completed construction until just before we get there December 1, so we don't have to pay rent on it until December, which is a plus. :)

I'll try to be better this week about blogging. Hopefully next week will be a much calmer one.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Getting to know my fellow Quidditch Players

1. Same Craft as me- Antonio dela Weasley
2. Same birth month as me- Olive Bumblebirch
3. Different Country than me- Emma Wigworthy
4. New Player- Stellwa Quinn
5. 3 or more terms of HSKS- Lizzie Wychwood
6. Bigger stash than me- Megaera Black
7. Both knits and crochets- Ginny Lockheart
8. Same favorite color as me- Andromeda Finch-Flechley

I commented on some really gorgeous projects, and got to know things about many of my fellow players that I didn't know before. We have some REALLY talented players!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Favorites and Wish List

Favorite Colors: Green and pink, blue and brown, pink and brown (each as combinations), Green, Blue, purple, grays. I have recently found an extreme lack of yellow or orange in my sock stash, so those colors in sock yarns would be good. :)

Favorite Scents: I'm not a fan of anything overly sweet smelling, and get migraines from certain scents, so you're probably better off avoiding smelly things. Yankee Candle candles are safe, none of their scents have ever given me a headache (knock on wood...) Ooh. I LOVE the smell of Soak's "Scent for Celebration".

Favorite Yarn Brands: Malabrigo (all weights), Cosmic Fibers, Cascade 220, Knit Picks yarns.

Favorite Yarn Types: I'm always interested in new yarns for socks or lace. I like wools a lot. I'm not usually that fond of cottons, because they feel strange in my hands when I knit. Cotton blends are good, though. I knit mostly socks and lace, so the majority of my yarns are wool, and wool blends because of that.

Favorite Snacks: Spangler Circus Peanuts (yes. Those neon orange marshmallows shaped like peanuts. I love them.), Oreos, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Cheez-Its, Tortilla Soup (sort of hard to ship... ;) )

Allergies: None that apply to the swap, unless migraines from some scents counts.

Loopy Ewe