Wednesday, July 9, 2008

An Owl Arrived!

WOW... I don't know what to say, other than the whole thing is incredible... A gorgeous tote sized bag, hand sewn by Perenelle (Lucy) in Gryff colors. Inside were TONS of pockets of all sizes, and built in needle holders along the two side walls. With the bag came a *beautiful* needle roll from EHwa Aprons etc. It's so perfect for me... the outer fabric has paisleys, which I adore!

Three types of goodies: a variety bag of Lindt truffles (yummo!), a bag of Dove Beautiful milk chocolates, and a bag of sour Jelly Belly jelly beans (the ONLY kind of jelly beans I eat. I'm pretty sure I never mentioned that, either!)

Notions: TWO sets of stitch markers, made by Perenelle herself in Gryff colors: one set fits up to size 5, and the other goes to 10.5! A gorgeous row counter bracelet (I've wanted one for so long!) in Gryff colors, a set of 5" size 1 bamboo dpns for socks, two sets of aluminum straight needles (red in size 2, and gold in size 7. :) ), a set of three stitch holders from Boye.

Patterns: "BarenakedLacy Socks"-she picked this because my favorite band is Barenaked Ladies, and the sock title reminded her of that. :) and "Peace Socks" by Wendy Johnson-chosen because she's one of Perenelle's favorite designers. Also, two great scarf patterns were included in case I get tired of socks (gasp! The horror! lol)

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill sock in Cabin Fever and Lorna's Laces in Bittersweet. I've been dying to try both, so I squealed, and was shaking a bit when I took them out of the box. Dh laughed at me, lol... The CTH is for my Gryff yarn, and the LL is because the colors reminded her of me. :)

Extra Awesomeness:
A sketchbook of sorts... It's graph paper inside, and the outside is decorated up beautifully in Gryff colors. Also, a set of four gel pens: 2 red and 2 gold.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart... Like I said before, I was shaking at parts. Oh, and Lucy (I know you're reading this ;) ) The last part of the note? Good luck getting rid of me! :D

Hopefully I'll have camera access tonight, and tomorrow you can all see the wonder that is Perenelle! :)


Lucy said...

haha. i'm glad you like everything. and that it got there okay...

and as far as the jelly beans go, those are totally the only ones that i eat and i figured if you didn't like them (which I doubted), the girls could eat them.

Queen Frysia said...

Sounds like another great package sent from the House of Slytherin! Have great fun with it! Can't wait to see pics!