Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sole Food Swap!


Pictured are a bamboo steamer (yay!!!); gifts for the girls and DH; Wasabi paste (mmmm....); Instant Miso soup in three flavors- tofu, green onion, and wakame seaweed; breath mints; recipes; Alpaca Sox yarn; two sock patterns and instructions for the steamer with MORE recipes!
Close up of the yarn, so pretty.
The girls with their gifts-
not pictured are the buttons she sent them, which they're currently playing with.
Lots of yummy peppers. Mmmm....Yummy stuff close up.Thank you SO much to Lotusburger. I love EVERYTHING. Yes, I will use the peppers, and I've made dumplings before, so I know my way around a wonton wrapper well. ;)